Mobile Birds Multicolor DD04375

A large, very light mobile to watch the multi-coloured birds fly.
The Djeco Mobiles collection, a poetic and aerial encounter of two worlds: design and illustration. A subtle balancing act between dream and reality.

Katsumi Komagata is a renowned artist and graphic designer who lives and works in Tokyo. In 1990, he began publishing animated books for children in which he makes use of the beauty of paper. The triumphant fruits of his work with designer of sculptured mobiles Christel Sadde are imaginative, floating creations in paper that are eloquent and fun.

A very light mobile made out of FSC paper.
Includes: Metal rods, elements printed on FSC paper, 1 adhesive attachment, 1 nylon thread and 1 set of assembly instructions.

Designed by Christel Sadde with illustrations by Katsumi Komagata