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Here at Vila Kids we source unique clothing, shoes, toys and more. Our unique fabric is Pima Cotton, a premium cotton which is extremely soft, hypoallergenic and comfortable for your children. All our pieces are hand selected with you and your little ones in mind. Our pieces are stylish, elegant and timeless, suitable for all stages of childhood. 

Our Story

Mecca of baby layettes, Miami now has another mandatory stop for contemporary mothers and pregnant women who live in or are visiting the city: VILA KIDS.

VILA KIDS is multi-brand store has the best of baby, kid's, and mom's fashion trends  in a large and ...

Your One Stop Mom & Baby Shop

Vila Kids is considered a mandatory stop for contemporary mothers and pregnant women in the city. 

The Latest Children's Fashion Trends

Your kids will be as stylish as ever in our beautiful, modern or classic clothing.

Made From The Worlds Best Cotton

Our baby clothing is made from Pima Cotton, it's organic, natural and super soft, perfect for newborns and babies.

Unique Toys To Engage Your Children

From engaging games to enchanted dolls, Vila Kids has a wide selection of unique toys for your little one.

Gifts For All Occasions

From stylish clothes, quality shoes to unique toys, shop with us and you and your child will be ready for anything!