Maternity Crossbody Bag Themal & Front Pockets Jeans

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  • Crossbody bag with frontal pockets, in synthetic material, waterproof lining inside.
  • Metals with radium bath, does not oxidize and does not peel, super tough zipper.
  • Double matellasse also aligned only in the pocket, providing a unique seam.
  • They are perfect for storing all kinds of food and beverages.
  • Each pocket can store items of adverse temperatures, hot on one side and cold on the other.
  • On the front, the bag has a zippered pocket and detail of the brand. Additional zipped pocket on the back side.
  • The bag closure is made with two interlocking zippers that simplify the opening and closing movement of the bag and velcro at the end for added safety and perfect finishing.
  • Internal compartments with elastic band with three ideal separations for bottle milk, bottles and towels.
  • All its interior parts are made in higher quality in the finish, also facilitating its hygiene.
  • Product dimensions: 6x 15x 9 inches 

BL BABY Elegance Collection was created to help mothers carry for their babies. The products and belongings in a smooth and organized way daily. Products are hand made with high quality nylon, eco leather with waterproof lining. They are offered in a double lined matellasse finishing with a resistant zipper, metals are rhodium bathed avoiding rust and bark, also contain t