Five In One Music Station E0612


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Age: 2+

Whether your child is destined for a future in music or just clapping along in the audience, all kids love to make some noise, and the Mighty Mini Band from Hape gives them plenty of choices! This all-in-one baby band set includes:

  • A colorful wooden drum;
  • A shiny cymbal;
  • A rattly guiro;
  • A jingling mini xylophone;
  • and a separate clapper for a friend (or a parent) to play!

Two drumsticks are also included, so kids can bang and clang on one or more items at once. Playing with the Hape Mighty Mini Band musical band set helps to develop hand-eye coordination, a sense of rhythm, and early music skills, but mostly it's just delightful to bang on, especially if you put on some fun music to play along to!

This set of musical instruments for children is made with sturdy solid maple and Baltic birch plywood, and Hape wooden toys use only child-safe, sturdy paints and finishes. The artwork is screen-printed on, so it will hold up to a lot of whacking (after all, this is a toy that's made to be whacked!). Suggested for ages 2 and up.