Willie's Rainbow World Wooden Educational Player & Book Emotional Intelligence Montessori Toys


Children learn when they play. Not only motor skills, creativity, and concentration, but also social skills. When building, role-playing, when reading, and play-acting the story together - different mental, emotional and social skills are promoted in every situation.

The intuitively improvising right brain discover new possibilities of how the blocks, rainbows, and dolls can be placed on top of each other or how the story of the book could continue in a different way, while the analytically rational lef brain deals with physical contexts, how a wooden arch construction stays stable, or with assigning colors and sizes. In this way, both hemispheres of the brain are playfully connected and active.


INTELLIGENCE: This wooden rainbow stacking game offers endless ways of building with the blocks and peg dolls. The story of the educational book "Willie's colors" fosters playfully your kid's emotional intelligence!

IDEAL AS 100% PLASTIC-FREE GIFT: The wooden rainbow stacking game with peg dolls and a unique educational book comes in a beautiful gift box as an ideal gift for kids, toddlers, boys, and girls! The peg dolls are stored in a natural cotton bag to avoid plastics at all!

CHILD SAFE: Made of non-toxic sustainable beechwood and child-safe water-based paint with a natural touch, this stacker toy exceeds US & European Toy Safety Standard (ASTM/CPSIA and EN71) and is totally plastic-free!

• LARGE SIZE & DURABLE BEECHWOOD STACKERS: The 7 rainbow stacking pieces nested together measure 23 x 12 x 7 cm which makes this rainbow toy broader and more stable than similar rainbow stackers.

UNIQUE SET: RAINBOW, PEG DOLLS & BOOK: With a 7 pieces beechwood rainbow, an educational book, and 7 wooden peg dolls to play-act the story in the book according to Montessori - this stacker learning toy is full of educational value!


The read-aloud book playfully encourages

children to observe the consequences of our decisions in their own lives, because the story continues differently depending on the choices they make!

With the wooden figures of the set, the story can be play acted in a child-friendly way.

Reading aloud not only strengthens the child's language skills but also their emotional and social skills, as well as their creativity.

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Extasticks toys are designed to fuel creativity, inspire imagination, and encourage the natural tendency in every child that leads to a lifetime of learning.

Beautiful wooden toys for every age, developed with love and educational value, Extasticks has always been always emphasizing the importance of product quality and safety.

This wooden rainbow stacking game contains:

  • 7 piece beechwood rainbow
  • 7 wooden peg dolls made of beechwood
  • 1 reading book "Willi's Colors
  • 1 cotton bag
  • and NO PLASTIC