HighwayKick Scoot and Ride Scooter and Ride On


Scoot and Ride - the world’s first ScooterBike - was designed in Austria by a team of innovators that wanted to support children’s shifting interests. Kids love to switch things up, so why should their toys be one thing and one thing only? Instead of investing in a bike and a scooter, which have to be assembled, dug out of the garage, and switched whenever the child changes their mind, they wanted a product that could easily switch between both forms.

The Scoot and Ride is exactly that!

It requires no tools, and can even be adjusted by the child themselves. Young children have fun riding around on stable wheels and a comfortable seat, while older children enjoy the faster pace of the scooter setting! Scoot and Ride grows with your child for years of fun!

The HighwayKick 1 is an award-winning, innovative combination scooter that can be ridden with a seat, or simply used as a traditional scooter.

Age 1-5 years

Max. Load Scooter 110 lbs (50 kg)
Max. Load Ride-on 44 lbs (20 kg)
Seat Height 8.8" - 11.4" (22.5 cm -29 cm)
Handle-bar 22.4" - 25.2" (57 cm - 64 cm)