Eau de Toilette Sophie La Girafe Gift Set - Set with plush toy - EAU DE TOILETTE 3.4oz / 100ML


The Eau de Toilette Sophie la girafe® is adapted for the fragrant pleasure of mothers and children over 5 years old

It is a very soft and tender fragrance, which is particularly suitable for the pregnant mother, because thanks to its delicate ingredients, she will not be indisposed by overly heady fragrances. 
This light fragrance, with citrus and sunny notes, was created in reminiscence of the world of childhood. It is perfect for children over 5 years old.

Sophie la girafe® has been synonymous with safety and reliability for almost 60 years.
Sophie relieves the baby during teething while awakening his senses, especially smell and vision.

To this day, Sophie la girafe® is still handcrafted, it takes 14 manual operations to achieve it. Its composition is based on rubber made from 100% natural HEVEA tree latex.

Sophie la girafe® is an excellent choice not only for the child but also for the environment.
It is on the basis of all these criteria that the Sophie la girafe® brand has entrusted Robertet Groupe with the creation of its Eau de Soin.

They have 20 years of experience in cosmetic products for babies and children with the Kaloo, Clayeux, Corolle and Kokeshi brands.

For the Sophie la girafe® brand, they have developed safe products for all babies (from birth) and children, using the most natural raw materials possible and by eco-designing all the packaging.

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