Description: The cold came and the kittens got a warm house to have a lot of fun and invite their friends.
Do you also like marshmallows? We love them!!!! So let's add fuel to the fire and wait for you to play with us.

Includes: 1 little house; 1 Mini Laptop; 1 Milk Jar; 2 Stools; 2 Pillows; 2 Sticks with Marshmallow; 1 Bonfire; 1 coffee table with towel; 1 mat; 1 Sofa with 2 Cushions; 1 swing; 1 Removable Strap; 2 sleeping masks; 8 Pieces of Clothing and 2 cats.

Indication: For children over 3 years old.

Note: Some fabrics may suffer a small color variation.