Unicorn Fur Fuzzle 4303


Zuri the Pink Unicorn Fur Fuzzle stuffed animal loves transforming the ordinary into something fabulous! Loaded with exciting fantasy details, Zuri is anything but common! Long lashes fringe Zuri’s rose colored eyes and reveal our adventurous pony’s glamorous personality. A silvery, spiraled horn graces her forehead, and her large, floppy hooves shimmer with a beguiling iridescent glitter. Crafted in the cuddliest plush materials, Zuri’s fluffy mane and tail are a vibrant pink, while her soft, white coat features rose-tipped plush. Airbrushed cheeks and double sided sequins complete her look. Befriend this imaginative Fur Fuzzle Unicorn plush and she’ll show you how to turn an average day into something magical!

Additional information

Weight 9.1 oz
Dimensions 13 × 5 × 9 in

3 Years & Up


17" Long


(43 cm)




Fur Fuzzles

SKU: 4303