Potato Baby Toothbrush Disposable Clean Gums Tongue Cleaner Gauze (for


Packaging Independent
Number of 30PCS
Target gender Unisex
Material 100% cotton
Free BPA Free


Baby Oral Care Can Not Be Ignored!

The baby's oral is tender and the food residue stays for a long time will affect the baby's appetite speed.

There may even be caries, affecting the growth of the gums, which in turn affects the development of the jaw and language ability of the baby.

  • Baby Oral Care : Focus on baby's oral health problems, such as coating on the tongue, horsetooth, thrush, oral cavity. Effectively remove oral stains, milk stains to keep mouth clean, providing good oral care for baby.
  • Professinal Design : Ordinary silicone finger baby toothbrushes are easy to breed and have a chemical composition. But our cotton swabs have a durable, absorbent gauze head that is not loose and disposable, so it is very stable and safe.
  • Comfortable Material : 100% medical cotton. The paper handle is safe and healthy for babies. 3D wave pattern, able to clean the mouth 360°. Soft, absorbent gauze for comfortable use without damaging the teeth and gums.
  • Independent Vacuum Packing : Portable and independent vacuum package, clean and hygienic. It can be stored in a carry-on bag outdoors or on a trip. Use directly to open the bag, or dip warm water 30°C .