Polka Dot Picnic Adora

  • Size: 20” Adora Doll
  • Light skin tone/Sandy blonde hair/Blue eyes
  • Hand-painted face
  • Hand-applied eyelashes
  • Hand-sewn premium quality fashions
  • Made from our soft & silky CuddleMe™ vinyl
  • ADORAble & Realistic baby doll face
  • Weighted to feel just like a real baby
  • Fresh baby powder scent
  • Removable clothing
  • Ages 6 and up

It’s time to pack up your picnic basket! Adora ToddlerTime Doll Polka Dot Picnic is dressed and ready to make fun memories with you. Made for blue skies and sunny days, this little sweetheart will capture many hearts with her ADORAble doll face, blue eyes, and sandy blonde hair styled with fabric flower ponytails. She’s wearing a beautiful summer-themed dress with puff sleeves and multi-colored double layered skirt, and a matching pair of sandals for leisure walks at the park.

Adora ToddlerTime Doll Polka Dot Picnic is a 20-inch realistic baby doll with a moveable head and ¾ vinyl limbs crafted from our high-quality baby powder scented CuddleMe™ vinyl which is gentle & feels more like a real baby, making this ADORAble lifelike doll a great playmate for your little ones! This baby doll for kids wears a traditional diaper, helps develop social skills while engaging in nurturing, pretend play. Makes a perfect gift for ages 6 and up.