BIBS Pacifiers Lux Collection BPA-Free Baby Pacifier Set of 2

A favorite for both moms and babies for over forty years, the BIBS natural rubber baby pacifier allows your child to self-soothe by exercising their instinctive sucking instinct in the most natural way possible, by mimicking both the shape and soft materials of mothers’ breast.
The Iconic and classic pacifiers appearance captures a look that’s both timeless and elegant.
Designed and manufactured in Denmark.
BIBS pacifiers are made of the highest quality materials and are 100% free of BPA, PVC and phthalates.
Always striving for excellence, BIBS pacifiers are often imitated but never duplicated. BIBS is proud to offer our Original Colour Pacifiers, the revamped De Lux Pacifier, our trendy Supreme pacifier and last but not least, our orthodontic Couture pacifier.

BPA-Free Baby Pacifier | Made in Denmark | Set of 2 |  Premium Soothers